Havana Dispensary Is a U.S.A Cannabis-Based Company that is located in Los Angeles California with our online shop also found on the worldwide web.

Our mission

Havana Dispensary was a local cannabis dispensary in San Francisco, California. We are licensed dispensers of medical and recreational marijuana grown directly from our farms and also from other growers in California. With great deals and prosperous marketing in California, we later moved on to our new shop in Los Angeles California, where we now have our Main shop.

With high experience in the field of Cannabis, we are here to bring to the community, The Best, Top Quality and Cheap Medical Marijuana alongside other related products from it (Vapes, Edibles, CBD Oil, etc). We are also out to create awareness to the public, The Benefits and Uses of Marijuana as well as fighting for its Legalisation around the globe.

To know more about us, please visit our contact page. We’ll be glad to receive questions from you.

Our values

Quality is our Top Priority“. Havana Dispensary offers the best  of medical marijuana with the CHEAPEST PRICES so far in USA. Our shop consists of the best selection of:
*Cannabis Flowers,
*CBD-Infused Edibles,
*Vape Pens, CBD Oil (With and without THC),
*Cannabis Extracts (Hashish, Shatter, Wax, etc), 
*Wearables (Cannabis T-Shirts, Shoes, Shades, etc)
and a lot more.

Unlike most dispensaries, Havana Dispensary offers the Best and most classifed delivery of our products worldwide. In 2017, we had 84 safe deliveries to Australia, United Kingdom, Asia and Ireland. We also offer door-to-door delivery for disabled patients here in the USA and part of UK.

It all comes down to you – your experience, your convenience, your budget, and your satisfaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Shop now and feel the experience.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Best regards.